Self Help Legal Information

  • Protect Your Social Security and SSI

    Creditors and other people with a judgment against you will often have the Sheriff serve papers on your bank. The papers tell the bank to use your account to pay the judgment. Answer five important questions in this document to see if you can protect your money. Read More

  • Wage Garnishments

    This fact sheet explains when someone can garnish your paycheck. It also explains what you can do to stop the garnishment. Read More

  • Request to Continue Trial

    PS-18: Form to be used to request to continue or postpone or "put off" a trial. Read More

  • Request to Stop Garnishment of Bank Account

    PS-13: Form to be used to request that a Court stop Garnishment of money from your bank account. Read More

  • Don't Miss Out!!! Take Advantage of All the Benefits Available to You

    Should you be getting child support? Do you qualify for food stamps? Can your children get free or low-cost health insurance? Can you get a lower telephone bill? Do you need help filing your income taxes? Read this for information about 10 often-overlooked benefits available to many low-income people. Read More

  • Executions

    If you owe money to a person or business and cannot pay, they will try to collect. If a creditor sues you and gets a court judgment, the creditor may have the right to execute against your property. This document explains how a creditor does this and what you can do to protect your property. Read More

  • Repossessions

    If you bought something on credit or put up something you own as collateral, the creditor may have the right to repossess it. Cars are often repossessed. We use a car as an example for repossessions and answer questions about what you can do. Read More

  • Save Those Papers!

    In order to protect your rights, you may need to use papers others have given you. This fact sheet tells you what papers you should save. Read More