Credit Reporting & Identity Theft

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  • Fair Credit Reporting

    How does incorrect information on my credit report affect me? What rights do I have to correctly reported credit information? How can I get my credit report? What can I do if I there is an error on my credit report? This document answers these questions and more. Read More

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  • Identity Theft: Immediate Steps to Take

    Are you a victim of identity theft? If you take action quickly, you can stop an identity thief from doing more damage. Check this website for immediate steps to take including placing an initial fraud alert, ordering your credit reports and creating an identity theft report. Also in Spanish/EspaƱol Read More

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  • Identity Theft: Self-Help Form Letters

    What is identity theft? If someone steals my identity, how can it affect me? What can I do about it? Read this for answers to these questions and form letters to send to creditors, debt collectors and credit bureaus. Read More


    Click here to get one free credit report from each of the three major agencies per year. Read More