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Wage Garnishments

This fact sheet explains when someone can garnish your paycheck. It also explains what you can do to stop the garnishment.

Alabama Debtor Exemption Laws

An explanation of debtor exemptions that can be claimed.


If you owe money to a person or business and cannot pay, they will try to collect. If a creditor sues you and gets a court judgment, the creditor may have the right to execute against your property. This document explains how a creditor does this and what you can do to protect your property.

Protect Your Social Security and SSI

Creditors and other people with a judgment against you will often have the Sheriff serve papers on your bank. The papers tell the bank to use your account to pay the judgment. Answer five important questions in this document to see if you can protect your money.

Debt Collection Videos

If you have received court papers from someone who says you owe them money, these videos explain what to expect.

Save Those Papers!

In order to protect your rights, you may need to use papers others have given you. This fact sheet tells you what papers you should save.

Motion to Stop Wage Garnishment (with Declaration and Claim of Exemption for Wages)

PS-20: If your wages are being garnished, you may use this form to ask the Court to protect at least $1,000 of your paycheck. (This form is NOT for judgments related to child support, personal injury, or car accidents.)

Request to Stop Garnishment of Bank Account

PS-13: Form to be used to request that a Court stop Garnishment of money from your bank account.

Request to Continue Trial

PS-18: Form to be used to request to continue or postpone or "put off" a trial.

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