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ALLKids Children's Insurance Program

Many families cannot afford health insurance coverage offered through their jobs, yet they earn too much to receive other assistance. ALLKids is a low-cost or free comprehensive health insurance program for children under age 19. Upon enrollment, it provides quality medical care including preventive, dental and eye care.

A Parent's Guide to Medicaid Screening (EPSDT Benefits)

What is EPSDT? Who can get EPSDT? How can I get EPSDT services for my child? What is an EPSDT screening? What kinds of services does EPSDT provide? This document answers these questions and many more.

Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance for Pregnant Women and for Children

Who can get Medicaid under SOBRA? If my income is too high for Medicaid, can my child get free health insurance? Where do I apply for this free health insurance? This document answers these questions.

Health Insurance Marketplace Quick Guide

This website covers Health Insurance Marketplace basics, including helping people without health coverage find and enroll in a plan. It also includes information on qualifying coverage, fees and exemptions.


What is Medicaid? Who is eligible for Medicaid? Where do I apply for Medicaid? Answers to these questions and more are in this document.

Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection: Frequently Asked Questions

Information on a law which requires health insurance companies to cover hospital stays of a certain length after child birth.

Save Those Papers!

In order to protect your rights, you may need to use papers others have given you. This fact sheet tells you what papers you should save.

Don't Miss Out!!! Take Advantage of All the Benefits Available to You

Should you be getting child support? Do you qualify for food stamps? Can your children get free or low-cost health insurance? Can you get a lower telephone bill? Do you need help filing your income taxes? Read this for information about 10 often-overlooked benefits available to many low-income people.

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