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Answer to Landlord's Claim - Residental Eviction/Unlawful Detainer

PS-01: If your landlord is trying to evict you and you disagree with the eviction, read this form and follow the steps on it to try to stop the eviction. Remember, the deadline is 7 days after the date you were served the Statement of Claim, or it was posted on your door. You can still file your answer after the deadline if the court has not entered judgment yet.

Request to Continue Trial

PS-18: Form to be used to request to continue or postpone or "put off" a trial.

Manual de los Arrendatarios de Alabama

Spanish/Español version of The Alabama Tenants' Handbook.

Una Vivienda Digna: Derechos de los Arrendatarios en Alabama

La Ley de Arrendadores y Arrendatarios de Alabama establece cuáles son las condiciones para que una vivienda arrendada sea habitable y enumera los derechos y las obligaciones básicos de los arrendadores y los arrendatarios. Este folleto destaca los aspectos más importantes de la ley. Spanish version of A Decent Place to Live: Tenant Rights in Alabama.

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