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Public Housing

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Getting into Public Housing

This article tells you how you can try to get into public housing. It also gives your rights if you are denied public housing. It tells you about your rent if you get public housing.

HUD's Public Housing Program

Who is eligible for Public Housing? How do I apply? When will I be notified? Will I have to sign a lease? How do they decide what rent I pay? This document answers these questions and more. Also in Spanish/Español

Losing Public Housing

This article tells you what could cause you to lose your right to stay in public housing. It also tells you what you can do if the Housing Authority tries to evict you.

Rental Assistance

Looking for an apartment or house to rent? This page has information on your rights and responsibilities, budgeting, where to get housing assistance and counseling, and more.

What is Public Housing?

Website includes: Public Housing Fact Sheet, a list of Public Housing Programs, a Renter's Kit, and other information.

Don't Miss Out!!! Take Advantage of All the Benefits Available to You

Should you be getting child support? Do you qualify for food stamps? Can your children get free or low-cost health insurance? Can you get a lower telephone bill? Do you need help filing your income taxes? Read this for information about 10 often-overlooked benefits available to many low-income people.

Public Housing Authority (PHA) Contact Information

You can go to this website to look up the address and telephone number for your local Public Housing Authority (PHA) in Alabama. It is alphabetical by city name.

Save Those Papers!

In order to protect your rights, you may need to use papers others have given you. This fact sheet tells you what papers you should save.

Tips for Dealing With Government Offices and Agencies

In order to receive certain benefits, you must give an agency some information about yourself. It is very important to give correct information to agencies. This document contains tips on how to do this.

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