Alabama's Landlord-Tenant Law Has Changed!

Authored By: Legal Services Alabama LSC Funded


The Alabama legislature recently approved changes to the Alabama Landlord-Tenant Act which may alter your rights.

The changes listed below took effect on July 1, 2014.

Non-rent Breaches:

  • A tenant now has 7 days to cure a breach of their lease for any violation.

Curing a Lease:

  • Tenants are limited to 4 cures of a lease infraction in a 12 month period, unless a landlord provides express written consent to allow cures over that same period.
  • Previously, there were no limits on the number of cures allowed.

Abandonment of a Property:

  • A property is now considered abandoned if electrical services are terminated for 7 consecutive days.

Security Deposits:

  • A landlord now has up to 60 days after the end of a lease to refund a security deposit to the tenant, instead of 35 days.
  • A tenant now has 90 days to present a security deposit refund check for deposit. offers legal information, not legal advice. We try hard to make sure this website accurately explains your rights and options. However, the site does not apply the law to your personal facts. For this sort of legal advice, you should call a lawyer. To apply for free legal services in Alabama, call the Legal Services Alabama office that is closest to where you live OR call Toll-Free 1-866-456-4995. You can also apply online at