ALL Kids Children's Insurance Program

Authored By: Alabama Department of Public Health


Access to healthcare is vital. Children need to be healthy to reach their full potential. To stay healthy, children need to have regular checkups, vision and dental care, and get medical attention if they get sick or injured.

ALL Kids is a low-cost, comprehensive healthcare coverage program for eligible children under age 19. Benefits include regular checkups and immunizations, sick child doctor visits, prescriptions, vision and dental care, hospitalization, mental health and substance abuse services, and much more.


ALL Kids is administered by the Alabama Department of Public Health and provides low cost healthcare coverage to eligible children under age 19 who live in Alabama. With ALL Kids, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are covered with quality health insurance.

To be eligible to enroll in ALL Kids, children must:

  • Meet income guidelines
  • Be an Alabama resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible immigrant
  • Be under the age of 19
  • Not have any other health coverage
  • Not be a resident of an institution
  • Not be covered by or eligible for Medicaid


Income Eligibility

Please click the link below for the current gross income guidelines for ALL Kids and Medicaid eligibility. Eligibility determination may only be made when a complete application is received by ALL Kids. Please note, even if your income falls outside of these guidelines, you may still be eligible for coverage.

Monthly Income Guidelines


Applications are processed in the order they are received. If your child is approved and enrolled in ALL Kids, you will receive a Welcome Letter from ALL Kids and your child's ALL Kids Card in the mail.

ALL Kids shares a joint application with SOBRA Medicaid. If your household income qualifies for Medicaid, your child will be enrolled in Medicaid. If your household income is over the Medicaid requirement, your application will be sent to ALL Kids. If your household income qualifies for ALL Kids, your child will be enrolled in ALL Kids. If your household income is over the eligibility requirements for both Medicaid and ALL Kids, your application will be sent to the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Two Easy Ways to Apply

  • Apply Online Now
  • Mail or fax in a completed paper application

    Mail your application to:
    ALL Kids
    P.O. Box 304839
    Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4839

    Fax your application to (334) 206-3783

Yes, All Kids coverage must be renewed every year. 

Once approved, your child will be enrolled in ALL Kids for 12 months (if your child turns 19 years of age before the end of the 12 months, coverage will end the last day of the child's birth month). ALL Kids COVERAGE MUST BE RENEWED EVERY YEAR. You will receive a renewal packet in the mail approximately two months before the "Good Thru" date on your child's ALL Kids card. Please complete the renewal application immediately and submit it to ALL Kids to ensure there is no lapse in your child's coverage.

To be considered for renewal for the upcoming year you must complete, sign and return the renewal packet to ALL Kids (before the "Good Thru" date on your child's ALL Kids card) and ALL PREMIUMS YOU OWE FOR THE CURRENT YEAR MUST BE PAID. If you do not receive your child's renewal packet or if you have any questions, please call 1-888-373-KIDS (5437).

Last Review and Update: Nov 01, 2022
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