Disaster Unemployment Assistance

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I'm unemployed. How can I get Unemployment Compensation?

You can qualify if:

  • You are able to work and available for work.
  • You worked enough before the disaster.
  • You apply and register for work at a local Alabama Career Center.
  • You serve a one-week waiting period.

What could keep me from getting Unemployment Compensation?

You could be partially disqualified if you lost your job because of simple misconduct.

You could be totally disqualified if:

  • You quit your job without good cause;
  • You lost your job for misconduct after being warned;
  • You lost your job for failing a drug test;
  • You lost your job for doing something dishonest; or
  • You refused employment without good cause.

IMPORTANT: If you are disqualified, you will not get benefits. You may also lose the chance for future benefits.

Am I eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance?

You may be eligible if, as a direct result of the disaster:

  • You lost a job; or
  • The job you were going to start does not exist now; or
  • You cannot reach your workplace; or
  • You became the major support of your family because the head of the household died; or
  • You cannot work because of an injury incurred during the disaster.
  • You can no longer work or lost work because of physical damage or destruction of a business.
  • Self-employed individuals must provide a copy of their 2013 income tax records.

How do I apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance?

  • File with the Alabama Department of Labor at www.labor.alabama.gov; or
  • Call 1-866-234-5382. If you are hearing impaired, call 1-800-499-2035.

How can I get more information about Unemployment Compensation or Disaster Unemployment Assistance?

  • Look at the website for the Alabama Department of Labor: www.labor.alabama.gov
  • Look at the section on Unemployment Compensation on this website.
  • For more about Disaster Unemployment Assistance, go to the website of the National Employment Law Project at www.nelp.org.
  • You can also call the Alabama Department of Labor at 1-800-361-4524.
  • If you are hearing-impaired, call 1-800-499-2035.

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