Help to Pay for Child Care

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Can I get help to pay for child care? Where can I get this help? What kinds of child care can I use? Read this for answers to these questions.

Can I get help to pay for child care?

  • Your income must be low enough. See the chart below.
  • You need to have at least one child under 13, or have at least one special needs child under 18.
  • You must be taking part in work, education or training.
  • You will probably have to go on a waiting list first.

Where can I get help to pay for child care?

How much will the Department of Human Resources pay?

  • The Department will pay most of the cost.
  • You have to pay between $5.00 and $20.00 per week, depending on your income.

What kinds of child care can I use?

  • You can choose anyone from a list of licensed or certified child care centers.
  • You can choose any licensed or certified family child care home.
  • You can also get help to pay relatives who care for your children in their homes.

If your family size is

Your monthly income must be under









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