Emergency Rental Assistance

Authored By: Legal Services Alabama

Information about COVID-Related Emergency Rental Assistance

Emergency Rental Assistance programs throughout Alabama provided rent assistance funds to tenants impact by COVID. 

The statewide program, ERA Alabama, has exhausted all their funds. 

The larger cities and counties in Alabama had their own programs. Many are currently out of funds as well. 

The City of Birmingham and Jefferson County DO still have funds as of 8/1/23. You can apply with those programs as follows: 

The following local programs are out of funds, as of 8/1/23. You can check their websites for any future updates. 

If your county is not listed here, there is probably no ERA money available. 

You can call 211 (United Way) for any other local rent assistance available in your area. 

Last Review and Update: Aug 01, 2023
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