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Losing Public Housing

Authored By: Legal Services Alabama


This article tells you what could cause you to lose your right to stay in public housing. It also tells you what you can do if the Housing Authority tries to evict you.

How can I lose Public Housing?

  • Housing authorities can end your lease if
    • you possess or use illegal drugs, or
    • you engage in criminal activity, or
    • you don't pay your rent on time, or
    • you don't keep your apartment clean, or
    • you disturb your neighbors, such as by playing music too loud, or
    • your utilities are disconnected (this includes gas, water or power).
  • If someone living in your household does any of these things, the housing authority can end your lease.
  • If someone visiting you does any of these things while visiting you, the housing authority can end your lease.

What rights do I have if the Housing Authority wants to evict me?

  • The housing authority has to give you a written notice of lease termination that explains why it wants to evict you.
  • Most of the time, the housing authority must give you the right to ask for a hearing or conference to discuss why they want to evict you.
    • You have a right to bring a lawyer to your hearing.
    • You have the right to ask questions of the housing authority's witnesses.
    • You have the right to see any evidence against you.
    • You have the right to put on your own case and present a defense.
  • If the housing authority says that you or another member of your household was involved in a crime that threatens the other tenants' health and safety, the housing authority does not have to give you a hearing.
  • Whether or not you get a hearing, you always have the right to defend yourself in Court. Read Evictions.
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