Information about the CDC Eviction Moratorium and Rental Assistance

Authored By: Legal Services Alabama

The Supreme Court has declared the CDC eviction moratorium unconstitutional and there is no eviction ban in place for the majority of Alabama tenants. 

What does this mean for me?

If your eviction was stopped due to the CDC moratorium, your landlord is now free to proceed with the eviction and you will be required to pay your rent and any late fees that have accrued.

Is there rental assistance available?

Yes! If you are behind on rent due to COVID-19, rental assistance IS available!

ERA (Emergency Rental Assistance) provides financial assistance to qualifying applicants to prevent housing instability, evictions, and financial hardships of tenants and landlords as a result of COVID-19.

What kind of expenses can I get help with?

Money is available to provide up to fifteen months for the following expenses:

  • Past due rent
  • Future rent (Applicants must recertify every three months to verify continues tenancy and assistance will be received only if funds are available.)
  • Utilities - including water, sewer, trash, power, internet, and home energy costs (such as propane and fuel oil)

Who is eligible for help?

Renter households must have an income no more than 80 percent of area median income (AMI)

AND one or more members of the household must attest in writing that they have either:

Qualified for unemployment benefits OR

Due to or during the pandemic:

  • Experienced a reduction in income,
  • Incurred significant costs, or
  • Experienced other financial hardship

AND one or more of the individuals in the household must demonstrate that they either

  • are at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability OR
  • live in unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions

Applicants must currently reside in the property for which they are requesting rental and utility assistance.

How do I apply for help?

Complete an online application at

OR call a program representative at 833-620-2434 (toll free) to apply over the phone. The toll-free number offers access to assistance in multiple languages.

ERA Alabama provides assistance to all counties EXCEPT:

  • If you live in Tuscaloosa County, apply here or call 888-472-0027
  • If you live in Madison County, apply here or call 844-804-9454
  • If you live in Huntsville City, apply here or call (256)427-5400
  • If you live in Montgomery County, apply here or call 833-823-0007
  • If you live in Mobile County, apply here or call 855-209-4970
  • If you live in Jefferson County, apply here
  • If you live in Birmingham City, apply here or call 833-823-0007
  • If you live in Baldwin County, apply here or call (251)424-1506

What documents will I need to provide?

All tenants and household members must submit the following documentation:

  • Government or current school issued ID for all household members eighteen years of age and older residing in the home.
  • Signed copy of rent or lease agreement (or rent receipt)
  • Rental ledger covering all periods for which rental assistance is requested
  • Notices of late rent payment or notice to evict, if applicable
  • Copies of past due utility bills for all periods during which utility assistance is being requested.
  • All utility statements must be listed in the name of the Tenant requesting assistance.

Income documentation for all household members 18 years of age and older (or head and/or co-head of household if all members are under 18) must be provided from one of the two options below:

If you have completed your household’s federal income taxes for 2020, you will need to provide either a copy of your Filed 2020 IRS Form 1040 OR a copy of your Filed 2020 IRS Form 1040-SR

If you have not yet completed your federal income taxes for 2020 OR you are not required to file a federal income tax return for 2020, you will need to provide all of the applicable income documentation under one of the following two categories:

Category One:

  • 2020 IRS Form W2 Current Social Security Benefits letter or 2020 Form 1099-SA (including benefits paid to minors)
  • 2020 Form 1099-R
  • 2020 IRS Form 1099-MISC for contractor income

Category Two:

  • Check stubs from your employer for the previous 30 days
  • Current unemployment benefits letter including gross benefit amount
  • Current letter from your employer verifying gross wages (pay rate, hours/week, pay date)
  • Current Pension/Retirement Benefit letter (if applicable)
  • Current Annuity Payment letter
  • Current Interest Statement 1099- INT
  • Current Dividend Statement 1099- DIV
  • Certification of Income Form (for Self-Employed or Cash Income)
  • Zero Income Form

Some of the forms above can be found on ERA Alabama's Resource Page

Last Review and Update: Aug 05, 2021
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